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Privacy Policy

  • Laugh and Peace K.K. (hereafter, the Company) has been commissioned with the management of the Okinawa International Movie Festival (hereafter, the Festival) by the Okinawa International Movie Festival executive committee. The Company has established a privacy policy for the administration of the Festival, as described below, and will safeguard the personal information of patrons.
  • 1.Personal information
  • n the context of the services provided by the Company to the Festival, personal information refers to items of information relating to an individual, such as their e mail address or date of birth, which, either singly or in combination with other items of information, could be used to uniquely identify said individual.
  • 2.Acquisition and use of personal information
  • When the Company acquires personal information in the course of managing the Festival, it will do so by fair means and in accordance with the law. The information so acquired will be used for the purposes listed below.
    (1)Ensuring the smooth operation of the Festival and of the Festival website
    (2)Delivering Festival tickets and Festival-related merchandise, and providing related notifications
    (3)Providing Festival-related services and notification of events, such as previews
    (4)Responding to inquiries relating to the Festival
    (5)Contacting participants in the Festival’s competition categories
    (6)Conducting statistical analysis regarding Festival participants and patrons, in order to improve the running of the Festival
    (7)Providing other services related to the above
  • 3.Management of personal information
  • The Company will manage the personal information that it has acquired in a proper and prudent fashion, and will take the measures necessary to prevent improper access to, destruction of, falsification of, or leaking of this information.
  • 4.Providing personal information to, and sharing it with, third parties
  • As a matter of principle, the Company will not provide personal information to a third party, except as stipulated in this privacy policy or by the law. However, some operations will be partially entrusted to a third party, for the sake of the smooth operation of the Festival and of the Festival website, and personal information may be provided to such a third party to the extent that this is necessary in order for said third party to execute the operations entrusted to it. In addition, personal information may be shared between group companies (Yoshimoto K.K., its subsidiaries, and its affiliates) to the extent that this is necessary for the smooth operation of the Festival. When personal information is thus provided to, or shared with, either third parties entrusted with operations or group companies, said third parties or group companies will be required to handle personal information in conformity with this privacy policy.
  • 5.Disclosure of personal information
  • f an individual requests that the Company disclose, revise, cease to use, or delete their personal information, the Company will comply—having first verified said individual’s identity.
    ※In the case of a request to revise personal information in the Company’s possession, the Company will check the accuracy of the requested revision before complying.。
    Please direct inquiries on the preservation of personal information to the address below.

    c/o Personal information manager
    Okinawa International Movie Festival secretariat
    Laugh and Peace K.K.
    Shinjuku 5-18-21
  • 6.Compliance with laws on the protection of personal information
  • The Company will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and with various other laws and standards relating to the protection of personal information. With regard to matters not covered by this privacy policy, the Company will manage personal information in accordance with said law and with various ordinances and instructions.
  • 7.Revisions to this privacy policy
  • This privacy policy may be revised without notice.
Laugh and Peace K.K.
1 December 2009