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Jimot CM Competition


Your hometown is the world’s best “LAUGH&PEACE”! Tell us how attractive your hometown is. Based on your idea, why don’t we make a commercial of your hometown? And, there will be a contest to determine the number one hometown commercial! The winner will win 470,000 yen! Your hometown will get an attention from the world! Tell us love for your hometown and enter now!

How to Enter

  1. Express love for your hometown on the idea sheet.
  2. Those of who express the ideas that most strongly evoke hometown love will be notified by the Okinawa International Movie Festival Executive Committee and will discuss about shooting a video letter that expresses the charm of their hometown. (There are two ways to shoot the video letter; OIMF staffs come to applicants’ hometowns for shooting or applicants shoot the video letter by themselves)
  3. The video letters will be uploaded on the OIMF official website, and voted online by visitors. Those of who get high reputation will be nominated to the contest.
    OIMF works with nominees to create a CM. (OIMF will provide nominees with helps: ensuring casts, providing shooting equipments).
  4. Those of who create commercial will be invited to the OIMF that will be held from March 24th to 31st

Competition Schedule

Competition Schedule

How to Apply

Make your application by first checking the criteria above, and then filling in the necessary items in the designated idea sheet.
※You can apply as many times as you like.

Internet applications
Enter using the "Fill in Idea Sheet" button below. Fill in the necessary items in the entry form.
You can check the names of performers from each prefecture using the "Performer List by Prefecture" button to the right.


Thank you for applying.Recruitment ended.