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Nowadays due to the advanced technologies of cameras and audio recording equipments, everyone can casually work on the filmmaking.
As a result, a lot of documentary films have been created and many of them are excellent.

The newly established category “Documentaries” introduces three documentary films.

The films from wide range of themes including the records of disaster-stricken areas in Great East Japan Earthquake, the film of a mountaineer Nobukazu Kuriki who is aspiring for reaching the summit of Mt.

Everest without using oxygen tanks and so on are in the lineup.
Enjoy the deep world of documentaries that gives you a glimpse into the various aspects of the world.

Screening Films

©2012 Pray for Japan Film LLC

Pray for Japan

DirectorStu Levy
CASTTsukasa Kurosawa Hiroyuki Abe
Shuki Ito Manabu Endo other
PoetryReadingKyoka Suzuki


Real heroes faced the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami tragedy.
The battle to rebuild Japan continues and the world must not forget their story.


Comedians and the Great East Japan Earthquake ~Yoshimoto Aozora Kagetsu~

DirectorHisaya Shiraiwa


Yoshimoto Aozora Kagetsu by entertainment company Yoshimoto Kogyo CO.,LTD.
is a support initiative in the wake of an unprecedented natural disaster, the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Comedians visit the affected area to make people laugh. Comedians’ emotional conflict, interaction with local victims,
and follow-up interviews about the meaning of the activity—this is a documentary of those comedians who kept questioning what comedy can do.

©TV TOKYO Corporation

Beyond The Summit

DirectorYou Umezaki
CASTNobukazu Kuriki
NarrationNoriko Nakagoshi


Climb Mount Everest alone without oxygen tanks and stream the moment live on the Internet! To be the first to accomplish it,
Nobukazu Kuriki challenges the “death zone” where oxygen is much thinner.
Though socially withdrawn in youth, he now found a way to be heard by the world and risk his life for it.
This huge documentary depicts his desire to share the adventure.

©Chikako Shimamori

The meaning of life

DirectorChikako Shimamori
CASTYasutomo Shimamori,People of Daimaru
People of De-mer, People of Marutake


On March 11, 2011, I felt the earth shake harder then I had never experienced before.
After the earthquake, I felt that I was alive, however, I found my father’s company’s building wiped away by the tsunami.
While I could not accept the reality, my father faced reality. He taught me to appreciate life.