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Live-Action Anime Films

Now it’s not too much to say that Manga and TV animation shows are essential as original pieces for live-action films.

Especially lately due to the development of CG technologies,
the programs that were considered to be impossible for visualization have been made into movies one after anetc. and gained popularity.

The interpretation of the world that looks like the world in manga and animations pops out as it is has received attentions and brought a lot of people to the theaters.  

At the same time, Japanese animation and manga have been highly-regarded in the world,
and not only Japanese movie industry but also Hollywood have paid a great deal of attention to them.  

This time we’ve gathered four films, which are the action-live film version of popular manga and animations representing
Showa Era: “Yatterman”, “GeGeGe no Kitaro”, and “Dragon Ball Evolution”.

Original Pieces are popular and everyone knows them, but they are filled with amusement that only live-action films have.  
Enjoy the great successes of heroes from Showa Era on the screen.

©2008 Tatsunoko Production / Yatterman Film Partners


DirectorTakashi Miike
Year 2009
CASTSho Sakurai Saki Fukuda Katsuhisa Namase etc.


A live-action film directed by Takashi Miike of the nation's favorite anime "Time Bokan Series, Yatterman," originally produced by Tatsunoko Pro.
With the gorgeous cast and the state-of-the-art imaging technology,
the unique and familiar mechanisms like Yatterman and Cajoling Pig in anime are reproduced in life-size to present the anime world in minute details.
It has turned out to be a huge hit as magnificent action entertainment.

©2007 KITARO Film Partners

GeGeGe no Kitaro

DirectorKatsuhide Motoki
Year 2007
CASTEiji Wentz Mao Inoue Rena Tanaka etc.


Originally created by Shigeru Mizuki, starting a boom for specters,
this is a live-action film version of his popular manga story of the same title.
Scored a resounding hit due to its spectacular cast playing various specters; Kitaro by Eiji Wentz, Cat Girl by Rena Tanaka, Rat Man by You Ohizumi and Sanding Granny by Shigeru Muroi.
A sequel followed. In this episode, a grave incident ensues around the "Specter's Stone" that wields a formidable magical power.

©2010 Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved.


DirectorJames Wong
Year 2009
CASTJustin Chatwin Emmy Rossum Chow Yun-Fat etc.


Dragonball Evolution is Hollywood live-action film based on action adventure manga by Akira Toriyama. The well-known characters in Japan,
Goku, Bulma and Master Roshi (known as Kame sennin in Japan) quest to gather Dragon Balls while engaging in tremendous battles between Goku and his nemeses,
Piccolo, which are depicted with the latest VFX in Hollywood.

Original Heroes.Respected Heroes and Heroines.

“Ultraman,” “Masked Rider” and “Comet-san,” all first aired between late 1960’s and early 1970’s, quickly became popular sensations in Japan.

The second “Respected Works” project features heroes and heroines, as attractive as the original, carrying the theme with respect for the original plots.
Four episodes from each of the following TV series,

“Ultraman Taro,” “Masked Rider V3” and “Comet-san (starring Kumiko Ooba) are presented. “Ultraman Taro” is one of the Ultraman series about Ultraman Taro,

the 6th oldest bretc. and the strongest among Ultraman bretc.s. “Masked Rider V3” established the popularity of the Kamen Rider series, which later spawned sequels.

The second series “Comet-san” catapulted Kumiko Ooba to the stardom.
Numerous TV shows that were later created were said to be inspired by these heroes and heroine.

These TV series bring you back to the great memories of Showa Era. Enjoy travelling back in time with these TV shows.

©Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd.

Ultraman Taro

DirectorEizo Yamagiwa / Kiyosumi Fukasawa
Year 1973
CASTSaburo Shinoda Akira Nagoya Takahiko Tono


This is a TV series of Ultraman Taro, known for his mightiest power as the sixth brother of the Ultra Brothers, birth children of Ultra Father and Ultra Mother, featuring his gallant actions. Inspired by Arabian Nights and old Japanese folklores, comical and daring characters are presented in enchanting story telling. Ever-changing cosmic monsters take part, along with Ultra Brothers, in the backdrop of Ultra country full of events and happenings.


Masked Rider V3

DirectorMinoru Yamada, Issaku Uchida
Year 1973
CASTHiroshi Miyauchi Akiji Kobayashi Hizuru Ono


Designed and produced as a complete sequel, carrying intact the previous works' sense of the world, this is intended to beef up "Masked Rider," which has reinforced the popularity of Masked Rider to such an extent that later serial productions were determined. Shiro Kazami, with his parents and brothers killed by Deathtron, a junto of vices, turns into Masked Rider V3, a revamped human, and confronts Deathtron.



DirectorNoriaki Yuasa
Year 1978
CASTKumiko Oba Kiyoshi Igarashi Junko Maya


A blockbuster drama, starring Kumiko Oba. The yellow hot pants she wore as Comet started a sensation at that time.
Comet, a coed at the Cosmic Education University, lands on earth for the purpose of getting hands-on training and finding her groom as well.
She starts "hearty people to people contacts," using her magic. By chance, she ends up living in as a maid with a family of the earth people.