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Sakurazaka Movie University

“Sakurazaka Movie University” is a movie university that comedians are the instructors and you learn about the movies from various aspects.

Through the live commentary and talk shows, comedians as well as film-literate guest instructors suggest you the new ways of enjoying movies.
Experiencing movies in the live atmosphere is the big appeal of 오키나와 국제영화제.

President of the university is Takashi Fujii who gets familiar with films, music, and idols.

Course List (Films presented and Guests may be subject to change)
↓Our Idol Department ↓Men’s Aesthetics Department ↓Animation Department ↓Athletic Department Action Division ↓Physical Education Department ↓Special Effects Department
↓Korean Circle ↓Music Department

Course List (Films presented and Guests may be subject to change)

Our Idol Department

Instructors(CAST):COWCOW, Kazutoyo Koyabu,Oniyakko Tsubaki,Takeshi Nadagi, Takashi Fujii,etc.

©Victor Entertainment, Inc.

Idol movie “Kaito Ruby” (1984)
learning from Kyon2, our everlasting idol.

DirectorMakoto Wada
Year 1988
CASTKyoko Koizumi Hiroyuki Sanada Kumi Mizuno etc.


This is illustrator Makoto Wada's second work as a director, directing then idol Kyoko Koizumi at her dizzying height.
Putting his intimate knowledge of movie-making to work, Wada added a flavor of classic Hollywood films to this romantic comedy and earned a reputation.
Hayashi, a nondescript salaried worker, ends up by chance in helping his apartment neighbor Rumi (mysterious thief Ruby) in her affairs.

©Kadokawa Pictures

Comedians who love Kadokawa movies learning
“W’s Tragedy” (1984) from Hiroko Yakushimaru.

DirectorShinichiro Sawai
Year 1984
CASTHiroko Yakushimaru Yoshiko Mita Kunihiko Mitamura etc.


In parallel to “W’s Tragedy” performed by the theater company “Umi,” the same “tragedy” went on in the real world surrounding the theater setting.
Based on the best-seller novel of the same title by Shizuko Natsuki, the movie’s leading role was played by 20-year-old actress Hiroko Yakushimaru.
A masterpiece mystery captivates viewers with thrilling development and new allure.

©Kadokawa Pictures

Time slip to the junior high school days.
Watch the masterpiece once again;
“The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” (1983)

DirectorNobuhiko Obayashi
Year 1983
CASTTomoyo Harada Ryoichi Takayanagi Toshinori Omi etc.


Kazuko Yoshiyama has acquired ability to leap through time since she sniffed the smells of lavender at the school laboratory one afternoon.
Kazuko happened to meet “him” with whom she was not destined to encounter.
Tomoyo Harada made a movie debut with this SF fantasy. It depicted adolescent wavering emotions in poetic scenery of the city of Onomichi.
Everlasting adolescent masterpiece directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi, one of his three classics filmed in Onomichi.


Watching the young adult literature film
“Nogiku no Haka” (1981) with comedians
with deep respects on Seiko Matsuda.

DirectorShinichiro Sawai
Year 1981
CASTSeiko Matsuda Tadashi Kuwabara Kunio Murai etc.


A film rendition of poet Sachio Ito's beautiful, pathetic and pure love story that has become a timeless masterpiece.
Seiko Matsuda, then at her peak as a popular idol, made her debut in this film, coinciding with Master Director Shinichiro Sawai's lyrical directorial debut.
Masao, a 15-year old son of the prestigious local family, falls in love with his cousin, Tamiko, two years senior to him, who has come to live in the house to care for his ailing metc..
But, they are bad-mouthed by people around them.


Comedians who love idols learning idol movie
“Sukeban Deka” (1987) from Yoko

DirectorHideo Tanaka
Year 1987
CASTYoko Minamino Haruko Sagara Yui Asaka etc.


This is a post-fin feature film, following up on the TV series where second-general
Saki Asamiya (Yoko Minamino) carries on fighting the evils with her yo-yo.
The joint performance with third-generation Saki Asamiya (Yui Asaka) and
three Kazama sisters was much talked about in town.
Tipped on the existence of a junto harboring the coup d'état, second-generation Saki Asamiya,
who has just finished with her special investigator assignments, jumps into the battle again along with her colleagues.

Men’s Aesthetics Department

Instructors(CAST): Bad Boys, Buffalo Goro A,Punk Boo Boo Kurose,Yasei Bakudan,etc.


Watching “Be-Bop Highschool Pt.2” (1987)
with former Yankee comedians who love Be-Bop.

DirectorHiroyuki Nasu
Year 1987
CASTToru Nakamura Kojiro Shimizu Masumi Miyazaki etc.


This is the 3rd live action film based on the popular comic series of the same title written by Kazuhiro Kiuchi.

Aitoku Private High School students Toru and Hiroshi are hot-tempered rebels
who can beat the hell out of anyone, but lose their control when it comes to girls.

In this film, they find themselves in outrageous battles against
Sakuragaoka High school's gang leader Haramaki, the self-proclaimed "worst punk in high school history",

and the opposition gang formed by outcasts suspended from school for life.

©1973 Shochiku Co., Ltd.

Men’s Aesthetics learning with Tora-san comedians;
“Otoko wa Tsurai Yo; Tora-san’s Forget-Me-Not” (1973)

DirectorYoji Yamada
Year 1973
CASTKiyoshi Atsumi Ruriko Asaoka Sandayu Dokumamushi etc.


Starring Kiyoshi Atsumi, this is the 11th installment of the popular "Tora-san" series. Lily,
a lovable character played by Ruriko Asaoka,

makes her first appearance here before making additional appearances later in the series.
While traveling through Abashiri, Hokkaido in the early summer,

Torajiro sees Lily, a traveling singer, crying on the night train.
As a traveler himself, he feels affection towards her and a friendship soon develops.

©1977,2010 Shochiku Co., Ltd.

Men’s Aesthetics watching with comedians
with deep respects on Tetsuya Takeda;
“The Yellow Handkerchief”(1977)

DirectorYoji Yamada
Year 1977
CASTKen Takakura Tetsuya Takeda Kaori Momoi etc.


Yoji Yamada directed this emotional road movie based on an essay written by Pete Hamill.
An American version was produced in 2010. A man who is released from prison meets a young couple who agrees to accompany him to Yuubari where his wife lives.
The final scene where you see yellow handkerchiefs fluttering in the air is considered one of the most memorable scenes in Japanese movie history.


Trakku yaro:bakuso Ichiban hoshi

DirectorNorifumi Suzuki
Year 1975
CASTBunta Sugawara, Kinya Aikawa, Shizue Abe, etc


This film is the second of the exhilarating action film series, "Truck Yaro." In this film, the super duo, "Ichibanboshi no Momojiro" (Bunta Sugawara) and "Yamome no Jonathan" (Kinya Aikawa), drive around Japan, starting from Tokyo then going through Himeji, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, and finally Amakusa. Momojiro falls in love at the first sight with a college student, Eiko, who is working at a roadside restaurant in Himeji. When Momojiro's nemesis, Borsalino 2 (Kunie Tanaka), joins Momojiro and Jonathan, the three of them create a ruckus.

Animation Department

Instructors(CAST): Garage Sale,Tanoshingo, Heisei Nobushi Kobushi,etc

©Fujiko-Pro, Shogakukan, TV-Asahi, Shin-ei, and ADK 1986

Let’s watch with comedians who love Doraemon;
“Doraemon: Nobita and the Steel Troops” (1981)  

DirectorTsutomu Shibayama
Year 1986
CASTNobuyo Oyama Noriko Ohara Mihiko Nomura etc.


The 7th feature film of nation's favorite Doraemon anime. Fujio F. Fujiko, original author, joined in writing the screenplay.
It is one of the most popular stories among Draemon fans and has once been remade in 2011.
Nobita and his gang assemble a robot Sanda Claus, putting up the parts they found by accident. Before them comes forward a girl, Lillul, who claims that she owns the robot.

©Yoshito Usui/Futabasha Publishers Ltd.・SHIN-EI ANIMATION co., Ltd,・TV Asahi Corporation・ADK 2001

Comedians who are popular among
kids gather together!
Let’s watch together with parents
and children!; “Crayon Shin-chan:

DirectorKeiichi Hara
Year 2001
CASTAkiko Yajima Miki Narahashi Keiji Fujiwara etc.


The 9th in the popular feature film series, reputed as "anime that makes adults cry" for moving adults to tears who escort their children to the theater.
Shin-chan and his peers are concerned about the townspeople who are carried away
by the craze for the "20th Century Exposition" that exhibit old-time TV programs and traditional ways of life. In fact, a horrendous conspiracy is hidden behind it.


BERSERK: Goleden Age I -The Egg of the Supreme King-

DirectorToshiyuki Kubooka
Year 2012
CASTHiroaki Iwanaga, Takahiro Sakurai, Toa Yukinari etc.


This is the first installment of the animation trilogy adapted from the dark fantasy comic series "Berserk", which was sold over 30 million copies worldwide.
Written by Kentaro Miura, this story centers on Guts, an isolated mercenary who believes only in his swords, and Griffith, the charismatic leader of a mercenary band, "Band of the Hawk." Bonded by strong friendship, they survive many battles together. However, a single incident threatens to break them apart.

Athletic Department Action Division

Instructors(CAST):Savanna,JARU JARU, Buffalo Goro, Laser Ramon RG,etc.

©KA Films LP. All Rights Reserved.

Enjoy super movie “Kick Ass” (2010)
with comedians who love American Comics.

DirectorMatthew Vaughn
Year 2010
CASTAaron Johnson Chloë Grace Moretz Nicolas Cage etc.


Kick-Ass is a new type hero-action movie, with extreme violence and light sense of humor.
A refined screen image and music send world-wide movie fans into frenzy. A dowdy boy,
who hankers for a super hero, engaged in neighborhood watch wearing a hero costume. Accidently the boy became famous, and mafia attempted to kill him.

Watching “Shaolin Soccer” (2002)
with comedians who love kung fu.

DirectorStephen Chow
Year 2001
CASTStephen Chow Ng Man Tat Wei Zhao etc.


A big hit action comedy produced by way of wire actions and CG, depicting a hilarious, manga-like world with soccer and Shorinken martial art mixed together.
Huan, once caught in fixing a soccer game and had his player's life ended,
sets out to forming a soccer team with Shin and his Shorinken followers who are trying to promote the Shorinken martial art.

©Niko Tavernise for all Wrestler photos

Men’s Aesthetics learning with comedians
who love pro-wrestling; “Wrestler” (2009)

DirectorDarren Aronofsky
Year 2009
CASTMickey Rourke Marisa Tomei Evan Rachel Wood etc.


A human drama of the elderly pro-wrestler, who has seen his days but keeps actively engaged on the ring.
He goes on fighting for a second chance in life, while subjected to many turns of failures and hardships.
Playing the central character of wrestler Randy, Mickey Rourke shines with full of elegy.
His performance, as though doubling his own tumultuous actor's life, has been evaluated highly and won him a nomination for the Best Actor prize in the Academy Award.

Physical Education Department

Instructors(CAST):Tenshin Kimura, Peace Ayabe, Takashi Fujii, Robert,etc.


Sexy guidance by mature lady comedians.
My own way of eroticism; “Mrs. Kamakiri’s confessions”(1975)

DirectorYuji Makiguchi
Year 1975
CASTMidori Satsuki Shingo Yamashiro Yuki Morisaki etc.


Midori Satsuki, who gained wide acclaim in the 70's as an originator of the boom for mature women by revealing her nude in gravure magazines,
plays the lead role in this pornographic film. Knowing that her husband is having an affair, the entertainer talent Midori accosts men one after anetc.
in rivalry with her husband. But, all these men enchanted and captivated by the femme fatale find their lives destined to doom.


This sure is the textbook for adolescents.
It is a little horny and funny movie;
“A hole on the underwear”(1984)

DirectorNoribumi Suzuki
Year 1984
CASTYoichi Yamamoto Momoko Kikuchi Koji Tanaka etc.


This sexy coming of age comedy was inspired by the reader's comments section from the magazine "BOMB!" This was the first starring role for actress Momoko Kikuchi,
who was a famous pop idol when the film was released in the 80s. When junior high school student Ichiro Kimura a.k.a Mukinpo moves from Fukuoka to Tokyo,
he instantly falls for his classmate Momoko Kondo. But in order to win her heart, he must fight against his classmate Eisuke.

Special Effects Department

Instructors(CAST):Dainoji Otani, Seiji Chihara, 2-cho Kenju Shuji, POISON GIRL BAND,etc.

©Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd.

Let’s watch with Daddy comedians! Ultraman;
“Ultraman ZOFFY”(1984)

DirectorKoichi Takano
Year 1984
CASTHikaru Urano Ichiro Furutachi Masaaki Yajima etc.


"Ultraman Zoffy" is a special effect movie, flash back between battle scenes from the series of Ultraman, "Ultra Q" to "Ultraman 80" with Zoffy,
who is the oldest among Ultraman bretc.s. Hikaru Urano once again lends his voice to Zoffy in this film.
Some battle scenes are narrated by Ichiro Furutachi, as if he broadcasted live covering a professional wrestling.

©2006 Chungeorahm Film. All rights reserved

Learning Korean SF movie
“Guemuru: Monsters in Han River” (2006)
with comedians who love movie. 

DirectorJoon-ho Bong
Year 2006
CASTKang-ho Song Hie-bong Byeon Doona Bae etc.


Master Director Joon-ho Bong, who stunned the world with "Memories of Murder", is back with monster panic in this big piece. Released in Korea,
the film has renewed box office records and marked an epic with mega-hit success. An unidentified monstrous creature Guemul suddenly emerges up the Han River in Seoul.
With his daughter Hyun-Seo kidnapped by the monster, Gang-doo puts up a fight against Guemul

Korean Circle

Instructors(CAST): Tokuko, Moh Chugakusei, Morisanchu,etc.

©CJ Entertainment Inc. & Sidus Pictures Corporation. All rights resereved.

Watching a romantic Korean movie
“A Moment to Remember” with comedians
who have got hooked on Korean pop culture.(2004)

DirectorJohn H. Lee
Year 2004
CASTWoo-sung Jung Ye-jin Son Jong-hak Baek etc.


This is a Korean rendition of the TV drama "Pure Soul~Kimiga Boku wo Wasuretemo (Even if you forget me)" in which Hiromi Nagasaku starred, scoring a box office record of \3 billion in Japan.
The story unfurls loving relations between Sujin, stricken with juvenile Alzheimer's disease and fearful of losing memories of her loved one,
and her husband Chols who supports her dedicatedly. The aching, pure love story has moved all theater goers to tears.

Music Department

Instructors(CAST): Tanoshingo, Tokuko, Naomi Watanabe,etc.

©2006 Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks LLC. All Rights Reserved. TM & © 2011 Paramount Pictures and DW Studios L.L.C. All Rights Reserved.

Learning the origin of Naomi Watanabe
with rhythmic performance comedians;
“Dream Girls” (2006)

DirectorBill Condon
Year 2006
CASTJamie Foxx Beyoncé Knowles Beyoncé Knowles etc.


The year is 1962. Dreaming of success in music, three girls form a group. As they continue taking talent search auditions,
a man, seeing a great potential, offers to become their manager and arranges for them to become backup vocalists for a popular local singer.
Their powerful stage attracts the attention in the US, and the girls begin their superstar careers. But…

It’s a School Festival Night! Western Music Singing Night!
“Like a Record round! round! round!” Western music karaoke live!!

Instructors(CAST)Takashi Fujii, Laser Ramon RG,
Oniyakko Tsubaki,etc.