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Panoramic Screening

“Panoramic Screening” is the category that screens the films dealing with the wide variety of the themes regardless of the genre.

We will screen 2 films in total including masterpieces from old days and the films created by up-and-coming directors who will be the leaders of the film industry in the new era.

Screening Works

©2012 GRAFFREETER TOKI Production Project

Grap Freeter Toki

DirectorKenichi Fujiwara
Year 2012
CASTYuki Saito, Kanji Tsuda, Ryota Sudo, Rie Kitahara(AKB48),
Risa Yoshiki, Ikkei Watanabe, Hiroshi Tamura(Kirin), Kendo Kobayashi


Program Notes: Derived from the mega-hit comic “BAKI the Grappler,” by Keisuke Itagaki (sold more than 50M copies).
The location of “GRAFFREETER Toki” is heart-warming downtown shopping district.

A boy Toki was raised by an enthusiastic Baki-fan mother, having received Baki-style elite education.
Human comedy filled with unpredictable laughs and deep emotions as Toki, together with people in the area,
protects their town from land speculators and mysterious evil group.



DirectorShogo Kusano
Year 2012
CASTNaoya Shimizu,Airi Taira,Masaki Miura,Ren Osugi,Junko Miyashita,Toru,Shinagawa,Hiroshi Yamamoto,Seitaro Mukai


Coban Kato is a high school student with no family, no friends, no money, and little presence. The only thing Coban has is the ability to “teleport,” which allows him to disappear, when everyone ignores his existence. “Teleporting,” however, is useless for Coban since he becomes naked whenever he teleports. Coban’s ability is simply a representation of his loneliness.
One day, when Coban teleports after being kicked out of the house, he encounters a woman named Sheena. Sheena, who also has no place to stay, is interested in Coban’s ability, so that she can take advantage of it. Coban and Sheena, who have no place to go, start surviving together.
Meanwhile, the town livens up after “a white Kappa” (an imaginary Japanese creature) is caught on a security camera while walking around in a supermarket. When members of the community hear about the white Kappa, they try to revitalize the town by offering monetary rewards for the capture of the Kappa.