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Beach Stage Event

Community Participatory Events

On the Beach Stage, different youth groups and Eisa groups perform everyday and bring the excitements as the opening performance of the day.
We also continue to have Okinawa Elementary School Movie Festival and Okinawa adolescent Movie Festival as RBC Laugh & Peace Cooperative Project.
We are planning to have a cooperative project with Yoshimoto Okinawa Entertainment College (YOEC) too.

Music Events

On the 31st, the last day of the movie festival, Beach Stage will welcome the artists with close affiliation to Okinawa as guests, and connect Okinawa with laughter and songs.
Rimi Natsukawa, BEGIN, Kariyushi 58 will be there on the stage all together.
“Shirayuri Club”, a music group in Ishigaki Island which has been active since the end of the WWII for well over 60 years, will show their first appearance here too.
Additional guests are expected. The dream collaboration with comedians will bring you both laughter and tears.

Comedy Events

Annual event, Beach Stage Neta (Story) Special will present popular comedians who are familiar on TV as well as Okinawa Entertainment College comedians and perform Neta Battles.
As a cooperative project, we are planning to invite popular comedians from Korea and Thailand to have competitive stage with Yoshimoto comedians.
We aim for the borderless entertainment stage.
Beach Stage Impersonation Battle, in which a lot of impersonation comedians in Okinawa appear, will present the deliriously funny impersonation battles between local Okinawa comedians and Yoshimoto’s leading impersonation comedians.
For the first time in this festival, we’ll hold an all-night paid entertainment event “Laugh & Peace Night” at Naha club saicoLo on Friday the 30th, the day before the final day.
We aim for the event that younger generations feel the connection through the songs and laughter. The hottest comedians, artists and DJs will spread Laugh & Peace throughout the night in Naha.