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The official ceremonies of Okinawa International Movie Festival are “Red Carpet”, “Opening Ceremony”, “Closing Ceremony” and “Parties”.

“Red Carpet” will be held on Saturday, March 24 at the Main Area of Okinawa Convention Center.
Both international and domestic gorgeous guests will walk on the so-called world’s longest red carpet of approximately 300 m, and then participate in the Opening Ceremony.

“Closing Ceremony” will be held on the final day, Saturday, March 31 at the theater building in the Main Area.
The presentation of the awards to the winners of Laugh Category, Peace Category, Golden Shisa Award which is the judges’ special award will be announced there.

During the Okinawa International Movie Festival, to show our appreciations for your support, we’ll have parties like welcome party everyday.
They are also expected to be the opportunities for invited guests from sponsors, media and governments to develop new collaborations through the cross-industrial exchanges.