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  • Soft Bank presents Owarai (Comedy) LIFE Short Film Screening

Soft Bank presents Owarai (Comedy) LIFE Short Film Screening

“Owarai LIFE” is a comedy contents delivery service provided by Soft Bank.
Currenty 3 programs are provided.

“World’s Best Laughable and useful App”
“Short Film Channel”
“Owarai(Comedy) Channel”

One of them “Short Film Channel” has been delivering short films directed by comedians, with Yuichi Kimura, who is active in directing films, as a supervising editor.
Now “Short Film Channel” will invite comedian directors and have a screening in Okinawa. Enjoy “laugh”, “fun” and “peaceful” feeling in Okinawa International Movie Festival with the films directed by comedians.
Additionally, Yuichi Kimura and comedian directors will have a talk show on the stage as a greeting to the audience.

Short Films list of the comedian directors * in the order of the delivery

Yuichi Kimura, Shizuru Murakami, Total Ten Bosch Omura,
NON STYLE Ishida, Penalty Hide, Kirin Kawashima, King Kong Nishino,
Robert Akiyama, Oriental Radio Nakata, Peace Matayoshi