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Community-based Projec

In the 4th Okinawa International Movie Festival, we continue to implement “Community-based Project”.
This year we have planned to have two major categories – “Community-based Movies” and “JIMOT CM COMPETITION”.

“Community-based Movies” is to bring in the local information, life, traditions as well as their industries, products and tourism information, create film products based on the local community with the people in the local community, and transmit the information.

This time we have created movies in five communities in the country.
They were created with local residents and deliver the charm of each community through the movie.
Enjoy the wide variety of the lineup with laughter and tears.
After releasing in this movie festival, they will be shown in various locations.
Additionally, we have expanded the area of “Community-base Movies” much wider and included the “international collaborations” with Thailand, Philippine, Malaysia and Taiwan.
In these films, a lot of notable sites and sceneries in Asian countries are shown and they are filled with Asian charm.
Moreover, in the omnibus film “Under the Same Star, Each Night”, up-and-coming young directors such as Katsuya Tomita, a Grand Prix winner of the 33rd Festival des 3 Continents with “NIGHT in OSAKA”, and Tetsuya Mariko, who had boomed in Locarno International Film Festival with “NINIFUNI” are directing and it is another attractive point to see the young talents’ competing with each other.
“JIMOT CM COMPETITION” is a competition project to “create a CM for your hometown together” based on the “CM plans” with the things “only you as a local resident know that you want to appeal with the love for your hometown” submitted by hometown lovers.
Both projects are linked to 47 Prefectures Area Project promoted by the lead manager of Okinawa International Movie Festival Yoshimoto Kogyo Group, and we are planning to keep them as major categories of this movie festival while we target the promotion of mutual exchanges among local communities using movies and videos as a starting point.