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“Chura ii” GIRLS UP! Stage

The first girls’ stage appears in Okinawa International Movie Festival!
This includes a fashion show of popular brands, Okinawa’s characteristic contents, comedy stage, artists’ live stages, and the booths that girls from Okinawa, all over the country and Asia can be beautiful.
This is different from traditional events that you can feel and experience the stage.
We also attract other countries such as Taiwan and that shows Okinawa’s potentials to become a new tourism spot with both fashion and resort for girls in Asia.

●The first contents for women in Okinawa International Movie Festival
It will spectacularly bring excitements as opening contents of the stage of the movie festival.

●“Chura ii” Fashion Show and Musical Performance in association with popular fashion brands
Popular models such as Anna Tsuchiya and entertainers will gather together in Okinawa.
The latest Spring-Summer fashion in 2012 will be presented, and popular artists liven up the event.

●Comedy LIVE by Yoshimoto comedians
You may see fashionable comedians on the runway!?

●“Chura ii” Sensory Booths
With the excitement from the runway, try the sensory booths to be beautiful and enjoy the sensing

●Attract girls from other countries. Make Okinawa a resort representative of Asia.
It takes only an hour from Taiwan to Okinawa. We’ll develop tourism promotions of Okinawa.