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NEVERLAND in Gamagori(Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture)

©2011 "NEVERLAND in Gamagori" Production committee


Tatsuro Aomi is a sweet, adventurous eleven year old boy who lives in a seaside town named Gamagori.

Although his fisherman father wants him to take over his business one day, he's having a hard time accepting the hardships of a life at sea.

One day, he hears a rumor of a female ghost that appears at a nearby shrine located on a floating island. Sick of his chores and ignoring his father's words, Tatsuro takes off on an adventure with his buddies.

At the shrine, a beautiful girl appears in front of the boys. This encounter changes Tatsuro's life forever…


Kawata (Garage Sale) Ruka Uchida
Mio Otani Shigenori Masuda (SOMETIMES)
Ayaki Inoue(SOMETIMES) 
Gori (Garage Sale),Kanpei Hazama


DirectorChiriro Amano
Country Japan
Copyright©2011 "NEVERLAND in Gamagori" Production committee