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Yukimonogatari(Numata Town, Hokkaido)

©2012 "Yukimonogatari" Production committee


After failing 100 job interviews, Miwa Kitamura searches online and finally lands an office job at the Numata Town Hall.

Miwa worries about her new life in a town covered by heavy snow, and soon one of the senior staff,
Masahiko Sakai, forces her to join "Yukimonogakari," a volunteer group working for the local community.

She participates in the meetings to discuss the new specialty product to be presented at the local "Shining Snow Town Festival,"
but with the endless chattering of nonsense by fellow members, discussions seem to go nowhere.

In an attempt to end the pointless meeting, Miwa comes up with an idea for sweets and is appointed as project leader.
In order to succeed,Miwa must adapt to her new life in Hokkaido and get along with her fellow members.

Will she able to accomplish her mission?


Kanna Mori Yasuhito Wakita(Penalty) Munehisa Tsugawa(Pygmalion)
Toshihiro Shimoyama(2-cho Kenju) Kumappu


DirectorKiichi Tagawa
Country Japan
Copyright©2012 "Yukimonogatari" Production committee