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Own Night with a Shooting Star( Thailand ・ Philippines ・ Malaysia )

©“Own Night with a Shooting Star” Production Committee


An omnibus film by three hot directors, Masanori Tominaga, Tetsuya Mariko, and Katsuya Tomita.

Set in Philippines (“News Lounge at the 25th Hour”), Malaysia (“FUN FAIR”), and Thailand (“Daughter of Chiang Rai”), the film, which was produced through collaboration between Japanese and local staff/casts, is unlike any collaborative work seen before.

The stories depict moments of miracle experienced by three Japanese individuals in separate places but at the same time.

This is a fantasy omnibus that transcends the language and culture to share the moment of peace.


"News Lounge 25": Moody Katsuyama,Mari Abe,Takenori Morimatsu,Ryo Nishikata

“FUN FAIR“:Takeshi Yamamoto, Soon Je nie、Azman Hassan

“Chiang Rai Girl”:Yota Kawase,Deejai Phawina,Susitraphon Nutchari, Razor Ramon RG


Director"News Lounge 25 ": Masanori Tominaga
“FUN FAIR“:Tetsuya Mariko
“Chiang Rai Girl”:Katsuya Tomita
Country Japan
Copyright©“Own Night with a Shooting Star” Production Committee