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Mashiko Biyori(Mashiko Town, Tochigi Prefecture)

©2012 "Mashiko Biyori" Production committee


Chihiro Matsumoto is an office worker in Tokyo. On her day off, she takes a day trip to Mashiko-machi.

She wanders around the town, but doesn't seem to be enjoying herself. She enters a café and meets Kotoko, a down to earth manager.

While having a casual conversation, Kotoko's best friend Tamiko comes out with a huge pot of Furofuki Daikon. "I made so much. Let's have some together."

People enter the café one after another with Mashiko potteries and homemade dishes to share. Chihiro suddenly finds herself in the middle of a cozy dining party.

Chihiro's solo day trip takes an unexpected turn with the love and friendship of the Mashiko community.


Yukari Taki Oniyakko Tubaki
Miyuki Oshima Shuji Kawatani
Hiroyuki Kohori Ma Inoue
Cho Uehara Eiko Matsuzaki


DirectorEiji Tahira
Country Japan
Copyright©2012 "Mashiko Biyori" Production committee