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"Yume no Shizuku (Drop of Dream)" is a historical cabaret opened in 1937.

Ran Kamoshita (Naomi Watanabe) left her hometown Ibaraki and came to Tokyo to become a glamorous dancer, but she kept failing the auditions and ended up working there as a menial laborer, just hanging around.

But one day a girl (Seiran Kobayashi) showed up to Ran and…

Casting Yuichi Kimura as Shop Manager along with Yuki Kashiwagi, Aki Takajo and Asuka Kuramochi, members of a sub-unit of AKB48 French Kiss, as dancers, this movie delivers its main theme of "how to pursue your dream."

Can Ran pursue her dream to become a dancer again although the reality she faces is challenging?

What's "the secret" laying behind this cabaret?

Heartwarming exchanges between Ran and the girl, the scenes of gorgeous dance show and more!

No shortage of highlights in this movie.


Naomi Watanabe Seiran Kobayashi
Asaya Kimijima Yuki Kashiwagi(AKB48)
Aki Takajo(AKB48) Asuka Kuramochi(AKB48)
Kanako Momota(Momoiro Clover Z)
Yoichi Nukumizu,Yuichi Kimura


DirectorAya Hamasaki
Country Japan
Copyright©YOSHIMOTO KOGYO CO.,LTD./Fuji Television Network, Inc.