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Praybeyt Benjamin

©ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. and Viva Films, Inc.


Coming from a brave lineage of renowned masculine soldiers, Benjamin Santos IX (Vice Ganda) is eccentrically different – he's gay.
A feisty egotistical man, he grows up accepted as who he is since his scientist father has chosen to detach from the brood of soldier.
All the bravery he conveys is to prove his worth to his grandfather who disowned them.
One night, terrorists attack the metropolis, and Benjamin's grandfather is kidnapped.
All able-bodied men are recruited to be trained as soldiers.
Benjamin signs himself in the training to save his grandfather.
But, for him to be successful in the training, Benjamin has to act straight in the company of men. 
Will Benjamin be able to save his grandfather and his troops?


Vice Ganda,Derek Ramsay,
Jimmy Santos,Eddie Garcia,
Kean Cipriano,Dennis Padilla,
Carlos Agassi,DJ Durano,
Vandolph,Nikki Valdez


Director Wenn V. Deramas
Country Philippines
Year 2011
Copyright ©ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. and Viva Films, Inc.