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Featured Program

“Feature Films” is the main program which is in the context of the theme of this movie festival “Laugh & Peace”.
Feature films in accordance with the theme of “the movie brings you laugh or peaceful feeling” are divided into two categories “Laugh” and “Peace” and shown to the audience.

We have 26 best of the best films from all over the world. Moreover, we have TV movie films which are the collaborations of Yoshimoto Kogyo and TV variety programs production staff.

In this movie festival, we will select one winning film for each of the following awards based on the votes by the general judges selected from all over the country as well as the audience who come to the theater on the day of the screening:
Laugh Category Uminchu-Award Grand Prix
Peace Category Uminchu-Award Grand Prix.

During the movie festival, five of the internationally well-known judging panels evaluate the films in both categories, and select one film for the judges’ special award “Golden Shisa Award”