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Attack the Block is a science fiction action film about a battle between the teenage street gangs and alien invaders. 
A gang of teenagers, with their leader, Moses, tries to mug a woman (Sam), however, the robbery is interrupted when an object, which looks like meteor, falls from the sky.
Vicious aliens emerge from the object and start to attack the gang and the people in town.
Moses, the gangs, and Sam have to defend themselves against the meteors and aliens, who are falling from the sky one after another.
This film was produced by Edgar Wright, who is know for "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," written by Joe Cornish, a British comedian, made a debut as a director in this film.
This film stars John Boyega, who also made a debut in this film, Jodie Whittaker from "Good" and Nick Frost from "Paul."


Jodie Whittaker,Luke Treadaway,
Nick Frost,John Boyega,
Alex Esmail,Franz Drameh,
Leeon Jones,Simon Howard,
Jumayn Hunter


Director Joe Cornish
Country UK
Year 2011
Copyright ©StudioCanal S.A./UK Film Council/Channel Four Television Corporation 2011