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Joyful Reunion

©Tang Moon Int'l Production/Taihe Universal Film Investment


Wa'er's Father runs a vegetarian restaurant in Hangzhou.
Wa'er is a manager of a luxurious health resort.
Her boyfriend, Zhang Quan, is a computer game designer from Taipei.
Zhang Quan's auntie, Apple, makes her life in chaos due to loneliness.
In order to help her life back on track, Zhang Quan takes Apple to Hangzhou together, which is also her hometown before she fled to Taiwan during the war.
Apple causes some troubles between Zhang Quan and Wa'er. In the meantime, she unexpectedly finds her lover who separated with her during the war when she is invited to the vegetarian restaurant…


GUA Ahleh,HUO Siyan,
LAN Zheng-Long(Blue),
Kenneth TSANG


Director TSAO Jui-Yuan
Country Taiwan/China
Year 2011
Copyright ©Tang Moon Int'l Production/Taihe Universal Film Investment