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Keisuke Miyase (Takahiro Nishijima) is a collage student in Tokyo. 
After beginning a summer job at a local movie theater, Gineikan, as an assistant projectionist, he meets a mysterious woman, Ruka Sugimoto (Azusa Mine), who works as projectionist.
Since "an incident" 3 years ago, she has become agoraphobic and sealed herself inside "Gineikan."
In addition, Minamikawa (Jun Inoue), the manager of the theater, asks Keisuke to keep three "enigmatic" promises as a condition of employment. 
While working under Ruka, Keisuke starts to fall in love with her.  On the first "Monday" for Keisuke in Gineikan, he finds out that something is wrong with Ruka. 
What happened to Ruka in the past? A man, whose name is Reiji (Kengo Koura), chases after Ruka. 
What does Reiji know about Ruka?
This is a mystery as well as a pure love story for Ruka and Keisuke, who promises that he protects Ruka whatever past she has.


Azusa Mine,
Takahiro Nishijima(AAA),
Kengo Kora,Jun Inoue,
Ken Utsui


Director Masaaki Taniguchi
Country JAPAN
Year 2012
Copyright ©Signal Production Committee