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Bakugyaku Famiglia

©2012 Bakugyaku Famiglia Film Partners


Tetsu Hino, the former leader of the Kanto region's greatest motorcycle gang Jinsha, once rampaged across Kanto, leaving many legends.
A little over a decade later, Tetsu and his buddies are now leading ordinary lives, busy with work and family, while suppressing their frustration and resentment toward society.
One day, however, the gang gets back together as one of their daughters gets assaulted and decides to take the rules into their own hands to protect their buddies and families.
Starring Yoshimi Tokui of Chutorial who transformed his body and dyed his hair blond for this film!
A rich cast now creates a new legend!!


Yoshimi Tokui,Kento Hayashi,
Sadawo Abe,Tetsuji Tamayama,
Tatsuya Nakamura,Hirofumi Arai,
Arata Iura,Nao Omori,
Kazuki Kitamura,Jun Murakami,
Mitsuko Baishou


Director Kazuyoshi Kumakiri
Country JAPAN
Year 2012
Copyright ©2012 Bakugyaku Famiglia Film Partners