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Ah! Minister!

©TV Asahi Corporation/ YOSHIMOTO KOGYO CO.,LTD.


The supreme decision-making process of Japan, cabinet meeting. the prime minister and cabinet members meet, but the details never leak out.
 The story exposes the lowdown of such closed-door meeting.
 Taishi Onozuka is a new minister. He eagerly attends his first cabinet meeting, but it was just a formality to sign the bill. 
Yet he questions and opposes the amendment proposed by Chief Cabinet Secretary Muranishi. 
It was a nonsense mandating the Japanese people to stop wearing a bra and panties regardless of gender.
Realizing this, ministers began taking Onozuka's side. But Muranishi claims one of the ministers is a pervert who wears female underwear and involved in the bribery scandal in the news.
The bill was to uncover the criminal. 
Not wanting to be suspected, ministers began favoring the bill and this nonsense bill is about to pass…


Tomomitsu Yamaguchi,Hoka Kinoshita,
Wakana Sakai,Keiko Horiuchi,
Lou Oshiba,Koichi Nihei,
Shiro Namiki,Isamu Ichikawa,
Toshio Sakata,Ryo Tamura


Director Daiya Goriki
Country JAPAN
Year 2012
Copyright ©TV Asahi Corporation/ YOSHIMOTO KOGYO CO.,LTD.