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The Bridal Night & The Lotus Root



The Matsunaga family appears to be the perfectly happy family.
The house had just been renovated and the eldest daughter is off to marry in two months to much of everyone's envy.
But the family carries one important secret and everything starts to unravel when the eldest daughter asks during dinner, "Have you and mom ever had sex?"
Chaos and confusion ensues at the dinner table and a lotus root vegetable falls out of its bowl…
The problem which they now face had to be tackled so that the family can find true happiness and ties.
Morio Kazama, the distinguished actor plays the supportive but somewhat out-of-it father with humor and pathos.
The beautiful Yumi Aso known for her acting plays the gorgeous and adorable mother.
Yui Ichikawa's performance is also a must-see. Here is one great home comedy that is at once thoughtful, funny and a little heartbreaking. 


Morio Kazama,Yumi Aso,
Yui Ichikawa,Hosyan,
Hiroaki Hamamoto(10 dollar),
Satomi Shirakawa(10 dollar),
Kento Nozawa,
Bonchi Osamu,
Kazutoyo Koyabu,Masa


Director Masahiro Yamaguchi
Country JAPAN
Year 2012
Copyright ©ABC