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“Laughter” captures the essence of life as a human being.

“Laughter” has the power to open the hearts of people burdened with the worries and tensions of living in a stressful society.

Through various styles of expression, movies instill in us courage and the joy of living. With “Laugh & Peace,” we want people to experience feelings of “laughter”, “joy”, and “peace”. These are universal words that transcend national and ethnic borders.

We have chosen Okinawa, as it is the most appropriate location for a movie festival. As “the island with the power to heal,” Okinawa is a place longed for by people across Japan and it is the perfect place for the “Laugh & Peace” concept. Okinawa also fulfills an important condition of being a resort locale that it shares in common with other successful global movie festivals (such as Cannes, Venice, and Busan).

The Tohoku Earthquake occurred in March just prior to the 3rd Okinawa International Movie Festival, so the festival took on a charitable purpose to provide recovery support based on the “Yell, Laugh & Peace” concept that had the entire nation sending its moral support to the disaster stricken areas.

While continuing to promote the “Yell, Laugh & Peace” concept for the 4th Okinawa International Movie Festival, we aim to present a new movie and video festival that resonates with everyone. Through cultural exchange with Asia and nearby regions, we will promote the content industry, recovery support, and stimulate local economies.