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Special Screening

To show our respects on the films created in the past,
Okinawa International Movie Festival has shown many films that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of the genre or age,

such as good old comedies, animation movies, films created by the directors who are expected to be leaders
of the movie industry in the next generation and so on, in the form of “Special Screening”.
In the 4th year, we have kicked it up a notch and installed the “Open Air Screen” on the Beach Stage. 
This huge screen is 26.56 meters in width and 14.76 meters in height, and it is the first time to be seen in Eastern Asia. 
On this screen, we’ll show “The Best Movie in Your Life” based on the requests sent in by the public.
For “Japanese Comedies”, we’ll screen the films that show the comical charm of two of the representatives of Japanese comedies,
“Yoshio Harada” and “Jiro Sakagami”, regrettably both passed away last year.
For “World’s Comedies”, we have gathered the films that ghosts are involved in.  You’ll find the variety of the comedy films in Japan and the U.S.
As for “Respect Screening”, we have gathered the live-action films based on the manga and animations representing Showa Era. 
Compare the movies to the originals that everyone loved and enjoy the differences/similarities.
For “Panoramic Screening”, we will show the wide variety of films regardless of genre, such as the film called never-be-seen masterpiece,
the debut film of the talented up-and-coming director and so on.
 “Sakurazaka Movie University” is the evolution of one of the most popular events from last year’s movie festival
“Talk Shows Featuring Comedians who are Movie Buffs & A Screening Event with Live Commentary”. 

Comedians will be your instructors of the “University” and you can learn about movies from various aspects.
The new category “Documentaries” will introduce four documentary films including the films of Great East Japan Earthquake,
a mountaineer aspiring for reaching the summit of Mt. Everest, a young man who repairs bicycles and so on.  You’ll enjoy the wide variety of themes.
The film lineup of this year will satisfy your craves.